Big1Team free LinkedIn


You should delete them from your connections.

LinkedIn #

Lately there is an onslaught of LinkedIn requests from Big1Team members. Most frequently they identify themselves with titles like MasterMind connector, MasterMind coach, and Business Consultant. While it sounds new-age-ish and therefore harmless it’s a networking cancer that’s spreading. And it’s spreading fast.

Big1Team #

The group itself is a regional branch of bHIP Global. Now if you don’t know about them all you need to know is that it’s (yet another) pyramid scheme. They will try to sell you (and your connections) a wide range of “energetic”, “vitamin”, “weight-loss”, and other “health” products. So to protect your health (physical and mental) and also your connections, you should remove them from your LinkedIn connections.

How to make my LinkedIn Big1Team free? #

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile, select Network and then Contacts

  2. Select Filter by and click Company
    Filter by->Company

  3. In the text box type Big1Team

  4. Click Select All
    Select All

  5. Click More and then Remove from Contacts
    More->Remove from Contacts

  6. Click Remove

  7. Grab a beer and celebrate life